Los Logos

 Here's a little something I hope you'll like:  a short film starring our old friend Jacob Morton, and our new friend, Brooklynite Matthew Logos.  Here also are some nice pictures of  Matthew,  who really knows how to fill out a pair of tighty whities, and who can pull off a Moe Howard haircut better than just about anyone.  As they say in France, "Me likey!"  If you likey too,  surf on over to the Pixelated Texan site for a very nice collection of Matthew's photos,   only a few of which are duplicated here.


Jason Shaw said…
Oddly stunning, warmly appealing, handsomely comely.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.
Anonymous said…
Very lovely - especially in motion!
Anonymous said…
...oh, and as I might not be around during the coming days:
Merry Christmas to you!

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