The Holly Jolly Christmas Eve Roundup

It's coming on Christmas,  as Joni Mitchell once said, and I'm off to my home town for a few days of making merry.  Before I go, here's my little Christmas gift to you.  Most of the boys in this collection are dressed for Christmas in Australia, not North America, but I didn't think you would mind.

Many more after the jump.


Pitbullshark said…
Oh yes, Christmas in AUSTRALIA where it is summer in December and the boys can be shirtless, or wearing a fishnet shirt (#11), very tan (#9), sitting on the shore (#10), or on a pier (#13), or at the beach (#s 16 19, 37, 40, 51, 58, and 60), or at a river (#34), or get all soapy washing a car (#25). No one would mind! Except that Artem Jouchkov (#59), always great to see, is Texan/Russian. Number 93's pants seem to be saying "these eyes are watching your crotch" and number 68 requests "non-disturbare" because, apparently, he is giving a blow job to...Mickey Mouse?

Anyway wonderful post, as always, and much enjoyed and appreciated!

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