Cody: Buff, Blond, Tattoo-Free, And Frequently Shirtless

16-year-old Cody Simpson came to America from his native Australia in 2010, discovered on YouTube and promoted as a baby Bieber. Shortly thereafter, Bieber's management signed him. No longer a baby anything, Simpson has carved out a nice niche for himself, releasing innocuous pop music. Although he has never approached Bieber's level of commercial success (perhaps because he is nowhere near as girly as most teen idols, and more quirky in his handsomeness ) he is sexier than Bieber by far. Unlike The Biebs, no one ever tells Cody Simpson to put his shirt back on.

Cody and his "Tribe."  Includes Billy Unger and Jake Thrupp.


Anonymous said…
Well, unlike The Biebs Cody Simpson started off with a rippy (swimmer) body from begin. I would say he has been working on it successfully.
I second the "quirky in his handsomeness" and the "sexy" part. Plus I realle like the sound of his voice. Thanks for pics and vids!
Jason Shaw said…
He gets better looking as he gets older. Thanks for this little ensemble of lustiness.

Excellent advice! you don't know how many marketers need to have these traits ingrained into them. Kudos! Gay Cam

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