Why Am I So Weirdly Attracted To...?



Pitbullshark said…
They're a sign of youthfulness and it seems that it is cute guys, or guys who are getting cuter, who are the ones who have them. I wore braces when I was young, but ultimately stopped wearing my retainer so over time, my bottom teeth started to squash together down in the front. Finally, as a much older adult, I went back to have braces again to fix my teeth that I had allowed to get out of alignment...needing them only on the bottom. While I was not, of course, a youth, somehow they made me feel like I was, so having them was great. Now all my teeth are perfect again, and I am willing to wear my retainer.
I love braces, they are an obsession of mine.
Anonymous said…
Well, me I don't have any obsessions but I find those lads cute per se.

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