A Few Fab Faces

I just spent the last four days writing a rambling screed against gay culture and community (whatever that is) and I have decided  not to publish it.  Nobody really wants to see that shizz, and they certainly don't care about my opinion. 

Instead, here are some gorgeous faces,  and a pair of bonus legs.


Pitbullshark said…
Maybe for the first time I am disagreeing with you. I think actually I do care more about your thoughts and opinion than I do looking at the faces of beautiful boys. You are, after all, a real person, whereas the beautiful boys are just a fantasy; are people we will never be (it's too late for that), will never "have", and never know, and if we did, we'd probably be bored by them and maybe wouldn't even like them.

They ARE sure good to look at, though, so I am not discounting that.

But a real person, even if mostly a not-really-known person posting on the Internet, does actually have thoughts and ideas that are worthwhile. Or so I think. So don't sell yourself short!
glen0330 said…
I would be curious to read your writing as well. Gets us into your head.
Hi, my dear Vera,
I stayed for a long time without leaving you of comments, and it is true that I dedicate enormously more time to the Tumblr of your twin brother, but I do not forget you and I always love you so much.
Your blog is always so beautiful and it is always a great pleasure to see it again.
I wish you a LOVE-ly, a wondrous September.
Bisou from your French lover for ever.

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