Haven't We Met Before?

I've been seeing the above photo on Tumblr a lot lately, I'm sure I've reblogged it at least once myself, and even though I thought that I should know where it came from,  I could never recall its provenance until recently. That's because the photographer's tag has always been removed, which I consider to be the act of a very rude person.  Not surprisingly, it turns out that this is the work of Jean-Philippe Guillemain, the Paris-based photographer and connoisseur of male beauty. This is a model called MaximilienGuillemain has chosen to post only four photos of him at his site, www.aguill.com, all four absolutely flawless.

Browsing through Guillemain's site makes one feel a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, into a wonderland where everyone is young, male, beautiful and perfect. Where does he find them I wonder?  Does he wander the streets, approaching every beautiful specimen he encounters?  Do they come to him?  Or is it just that in Paris all the boys are beautiful?  I suspect that it can't be true, but it's a nice idea.

Here's another example of Guillemain's art and exquisite taste: Paul.  Enjoy.


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