Sweet Sixteen

This is Leo Howard, the sixteen-year-old star of the truly awful kid-com on Disney XD called Kickin' It.  Leo, in the tradition of Taylor Lautner and Booboo Stewart, came to acting by way of martial arts.  I'm not sure if this picture is truly Leo's body, or a product of Photoshop,  but I can assure you that Leo really does look a like this under his clothes,  and I have a feeling that once he has thrown off the yoke of Disney, we will be seeing a lot more of his physique. Or, at least, we can hope.


Anonymous said…
8 years later and we've definitely seen more of Leo's body. The way he's managed to grow from the twunk in that photo to the all-out hunky man of today while retaining his friendly, sensitive personality is breathtaking. I bet he's amazing in bed as both a soft, romantic lover who'd wrap you up in his strong arms with your head on his broad chest and a dominant ass smacking, balls deep hole pounding, throw you into every position possible until he blows his load inside you muscle hunk.

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