What's Popular At Vera's?

I used to obsessively monitor my page views and obsess over the entries that were popular or not. I'm not as interested in that anymore, but today, just out of curiosity, I looked at the list of my my top ten most popular posts.  I find it interesting that almost nothing on the list was something I put any particular effort into, and in fact, several were what I would consider to be filler posts- something I put up just to have something up.

For a long time, the most popular thing I posted here was the guy up there, a blond named Aaron Brückner. That post has slipped down to #3 now.  Three other "random shirtless guy"  posts have made the top ten.  They are:

Also #6


The rest of the top ten are celebrities, except for this androgynous cutie who came in at #9.

So who are the top celebrities at Vera's? At #8 we have Landon Liboiron. This is actually a post that I put some effort into. I made all the screen captures myself.

Diving in at #7 is the always delightfully be-speedoed Tom Daley

 #4 is the delicious, and in these photos, awfully young, Austin Butler. 

#2 is Aaron Johnson, now Aaron Taylor-Johnson, sewing his wild oats back in the days before he settled down with his much older baby-mama. I miss this Aaron, but as long as he's happy.

And finally, the all-time #1, top viewed post on this blog... and I can't even show you the pictures.  That's because Google threw a fit because you could see a tiny bit of River Viiperi's butt, and made me take them down.  I can only link to it, here.

So that's it, the all-time most popular posts here.  What are your favorites?  What would you like to see in the future?  I eagerly await your replies, but I'm not holding my breath.

P.S.  I just noticed that this was my 1400th post here.  Golly.


Your host said…
What a corker collection of hotties that make the top ten for viewers lusty eyes...... mostly blondes/fair of hair one notices.

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