Cameron Dallas Is Famous On The Internet

There are a lot of pictures of Cameron Dallas online. A lot. Most of them are on-line because Cameron Dallas put them there, first on Tumblr, and then on pretty much every social media outlet you can think of. He currently has 1.1 million followers on Vine.  Unlike most of the popular YouTubers, who tend to combine dreamy good looks with sparkling personalities and a genuine sense of humor, Cameron seems like a nice, unexceptional, albeit gorgeous 19-year-old boy. He's done a little modeling, but he will never really be a professional model because he's too small for the sample size. Rumor has it that sometimes, when bullshitting with his friends, he will thoughtlessly throw out some homophobic language. I haven't witnessed such behavior, and I hope it isn't true, but obviously his appeal isn't that he's smart. 

The internet is full of boys (and girls, too) who use social media to promote themselves.  What magic formula makes Cameron Dallas the object of adulation to so many people when there are other equally handsome boys flashing their abs for the camera and oversharing their lives with anyone who cares to listen?  Another example of this kind of thing is Benjamin Lasnier, a 14-year-old from Denmark who posted pictures of himself to an Instagram account until he obtained over a million followers and a recording contract with Sony.  Can he sing? Who knows? Yet there are scores of  handsome boys singing their hearts out on YouTube,  some of them with real talent, who aren't getting recording contracts.

Andy Warhol was wrong when he said that in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.  Now that almost everyone has easy access to mass media, we can see that it still takes something special to be famous. The question before us is: what is that something? Being pretty certainly doesn't hurt, but it has to be something more than that, right?  Right?  I hope so. I don't want to live in a world that is completely superficial.  But then again, I do follow Cameron's  Tumblr page, his Instagram, his YouTube,and even his Vine, so who am I to judge?


Pitbullshark said…
Well, I tell you what, I would be willing to believe that there IS more to him that just his truly beautiful looks, which are unquestioned, but how long will those last? That is a very sad thing (for everybody since we all experience it, except for, oh, I don't know, maybe James Brolin, or a special fave of mine, Rex Harrison, whom I thought was absolutely gorgeous as an older man, but then, maybe that's just my peculiar taste!). For example, to see a current photo of Luke Halpin, one of my most idolized "gods" (looks-wise) when I was growing up, is a horror show (or, another one, Jan-Michael Vincent). He's actually only one year older than I am, but I never felt that I was as beautiful as he was during his beautiful age, but I pretty much know that I look better than he does NOW.

But your site led me to Cameron Dallas's website and in that section on his "travels" (which is really just his daily life, I think, in Southern California), and since I assume he took most of the photos he posted there (those that aren't directly of him, and maybe those are, too, effected by a tripod and camera timer), I see a real talent there, for photography. I especially loved those dramatic photos of the thrill rides at the pier, and very, very cute and clever is that photo of the little bird standing on a tiny "finger skate board" which is, in turn, sitting on his real skateboard. Also, the photos of the beautiful white dog with the blue eyes are so sweet. A boy who is sensitive to the world around him like that, and able to record special moments certainly has something going for himself other than a temporary late teen growth phase beauty.

To be honest, it takes a lot of work to document ones life like he does (and an even better example of that is Steele Johnson, the hopeful Olympic diver who makes a video blog EVERY SINGLE DAY; well, I've made some vlogs and they take an effort to edit and UPLOAD, which sometimes can takes hours, I sure couldn't do it every single day!).

I hope young people like Cameron do continue to find their lives filled with wonder, joy, and accomplishment, even if (when) their "celebrity-hood" fades. I sure don't want him to turn to drugs as a way of dealing with either of those two states, celebrity-hood or its loss, like so many do. He's got to grab onto what is actually meaningful to himself instead of what might be dangerously superficial, but something tells me that he will, and actually already has.
Vera said…
Pitbullshark, I am always interested in the insightful things you have to say. I'm also glad that you are following Steele Johnson. I've been thinking about featuring him for some time, but have hesitated because I think he might be too special for my silly, little shirtless boy blog, even though he is enticingly shirtless often enough.

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