Let's Talk About Sean O'Donnell

You may not know the name, but if you have a Tumblr account you've seen 18-year-old New Yorker Sean O'DonnellSean describes himself as a photographer, model, actor, singer,  but mostly he's a person,  like Cameron Dallas,  who has managed to gain a sizable following by putting pictures of himself on the internet.  Nice work if you can get it.

If you look closely enough at Sean you can see that he's not truly a classic beauty, his nose is perhaps ever so slightly too large for his face, his chin slightly weak, his flawless skin perhaps a result of Photoshop, but is he attractive?  Oh my, yes. With his big, blue eyes, and strong, athletic body, he could easily be an Abercrombie and Fitch model.  And as a model, his most frequent photographer is himself, and he seems to have an innate ability to play up his own strengths.  In his infrequent YouTube videos (he says that he'd rather leave video-making to those who "do it well") he also displays a poise, confidence, and a deep, sexy voice that will serve him well when he decides he wants to be something more than "Tumblr famous." 

All of which is to say, I think he's rather nice, I like looking at his pictures, and I hope you will, too.


Pitbullshark said…
I just happened to stumble across this. I am sure I must have seen it when you first posted it, but I guess i didn't read your text when I saw it the first time. I like what you said, combining Sean O'Donnell in with the also phenomenally attractive Cameron Dallas, both of whom do definitely display some kind powerful "physical charisma" and self-confidence in their own appeal that is as real as it is unshakeable. I very much do enjoy simply looking at either one of them and kind of wish I understood just exactly what it is that they have, and they certainly do have it, but so far, it is not fully explainable. It's something different from just being beautiful or handsome or some other inadequate word. Would either of them have "existed" without the Internet…I mean, in some other form or media? I feel that they should be making some kind of money off of this, but I don't really see how. (They're not REALLY modeling, are they?) I think they will be happy to have such a record of themselves at this age, because, as we all know, it sure won't last very long. When they are in their 60s, people will be amazed that they ever looked like this!

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