Steele Yourself

I honestly had a holy shit moment when I saw the above picture of Sam Steele, the fabulously-named 18-year-old Spanish model.  Nobody is that perfect. At first I wondered if it was a computer-generated image.  But no, it's a real boy, even though the photo has obviously been manipulated to make him appear even more unrealistically beautiful than he must be in real life, and make-up has been employed to cover up the spray of freckles across the bridge of his nose. Does anyone else suspect that he may be even more attractive in his natural state than he is in these professional photos?  

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bufs said…
I agree, Vera. Natural or posed, Sam is an undeniably toothsome lad. But given a choice, I'd go for the natural look everytime.

It's a testament to innate beauty that models manage to look alluring despite some of the weird lighting, odd clothing, severe facial expressions, etc. they're subjected to when posed.

I know it's art and haute couture, blah blah blah. But why gild the lily?

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