The Boy Who Couldn't Swim

I hope you will enjoy this short, sweet little coming-of-age film

"Danish short film, written, produced, directed and edited by me, Anders Helde. The film is shot in HD in the summer of 2008 in and around Copenhagen, Denmark."

The film stars Jonas Wandschneider and Sebastian Elkrog Sørensen.

For more info on the film, please visit the film's profile on '':


Pitbullshark said…
I very much liked this beautiful movie. Thank you for posting it!
lastorder said…
I really, really enjoyed this movie. I am myself originally from Copenhagen and it was great to see my old town again (and the actors of course...)
bufs said…
What a sweet, lovely film! I enjoyed it start to finish. And I'm glad the story went the way I hoped and not the way I feared. Scandinavian films sometimes are quite grim.

Thank you for sharing this gem.

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