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Do you want a glimpse into the sordid cesspool that is Vera's brain?  Take a look at this piece of paper that I scribbled on today while I was supposed to be working. These are deas for the blog.  Is there anything there of interest?  Obviously, my most popular posts are the ones where I keep my trap shut and post pictures of shirtless boys, but does any of this tickle your fancy?


bufs said…
I would be hard pressed to name a single thing on your list that I wouldn't fancy.

Btw, VBGB is obviously a labor of love ... and it shows. Please keep doing the very special things you do so very well.
Pitbullshark said…
"The Sordid Cesspool" that is Vera's brain, well, I'm swimming around in that cesspool with you. Ninety-seven percent of your list sparks an interest, and the remaining three percent are just people I don't know. Some names on there I kind of thought of as "private" interests, in that I didn't know any others shared the same obsessions that I did. Michael Ilan-Smith! I had such a crush on him from "Weird Science". Somehow (until I looked him up on the IMDb today), I forgot that he had done some other movies, such as "The Chocolate War", that I have on videotape somewhere, which now that you bring it up, I would like to watch again unless the poor tape has degraded over time, which is a horror that is happening that I recently discovered with my huge collection.

Chad Lowe is another one; I was WAY more drawn to him than his brother, Rob, and that's saying a lot since Rob was so hot ("Youngblood"!). I think when there is a gay angle, that adds to the attraction. Didn't Chad play in a TV series of a boy dying of AIDS? (His character wasn't gay, but AIDS is still presenting a "gay angle".) When I first sat up and took notice of him, though, was in the Revolutionary War movie, "April Morning". My God, but he was so cute in that movie, someone to very much fall in love with.

"Night In Heaven"…I couldn't BELIEVE it actually showed Chris Atkins's dick! Thank God for freeze frame; I'm amazed I didn't freeze frame a hole in that tape. [Yes, I know you got to see his dick in "Blue Lagoon", but not in a particularly attractive way (kind of shriveled). It was much more worthy in "Night In Heaven".] Another "freeze frame dick movie" was "All The Right Moves" for Tom Cruise.

"Spin & Marty"…those, for me, were "older guy" crushes, as I was so very young when that show was on the air. But my loins were surely stirred! When I finally went away to camp, while mine wasn't packed with hot cowboy-type boys, it was a den of sexual experimentation, so I would say that it was quite satisfactory for a pervert like me. Kind of recently, I bought the "Spin & Marty" series from Disney and it fondly took me back to my old childhood days.

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Pitbullshark said…
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Pitbullshark said…
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Back to Ilan Michael-Smith, that same sort of something feeling that he gave me in the 80s I felt again with Ryan Kelley (not on your list, but he basically "belongs" on there in my view) in the "aughts" with "Mean Creek" (there was that "gay" angle again, in that he played a character who had two dads) and most especially with "The Dust Factory", in which I felt he had to be one of the most beautiful young men imaginable. I realize that with either decade, the 80s or the "aughts", based on my own age, I "ought" to not have crushes on guys like this, but at least Ryan Kelley was 18 (Ilan Michael-Smith was 16 at the time of "Weird Science"). But you know, beautiful is beautiful and anyway, they're on TV or the movie screen, not living next door.

Ryan Kelley also played "Bobby" in "Tears For Bobby", so he also gets credit for that. He now is approaching 30 and I am sure for most people he is still hugely hot (if not even more so), except as far as I am concerned, there is now something weird about his body. He is just a little bit "too much" about something I can't quite put a finger on. Maybe he works out too much, and therefore has a muscularity that looks to me more android-like and less human. Ryan Phillippe also did that "too much unreal transformation" too, and Phillippe worsened it by adding tattoos. From a fantastic start (for me) in "White Squall", to "54" (where I thought he looked his best), he's been going down hill ever since until now he is a "meh", and just way, way, way too much "worked out", which I now think might often be the "compensation" of the "teen star" who feels that he is aging. Don't get me wrong, Ryan Phillippe is still hot, but I don't go out of my way to see his movies, now.
Vera said…
Aw, thank you my friend.
Vera said…
Pitbullshhark, you and I are surely kindred spirits, including your thoughts about Ryans Kelley an Phillipe. More to come.
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