Not So Random Shirtless Guy

Many thanks to fabulous blog The Beauty Hunter for pointing me towards super hot Serbian model Denis Jovanovic.  Head over there for more of Denis, including a great TV ad he made a few years ago.


Anonymous said…
Oooh Vera. At first I thought, now he looks familiar. Then I got to the bottom of the post.
I do love boys with crowns.

And the shirtless wonder in the post below looks like he's been carved in porcelain with barely a spot on his torso. Or maybe some photoshopping has taken place. They say it's required in photo fashion. But he looks wonderful.

Vera said…
Indeed, boys with crowns are strangely hot, especially when they look like Denis. Thanks for introducing him to me. And yes, the boy below is almost inhumanly perfect. I hope he's real.

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