Bonus Lucky

Somehow I managed to not post this in yesterday's Lucky Blue Smith extravaganza.  What could have come over me?


Anonymous said…
Vera, Thanks for the mention. Well Lucky certainly is looking devilishly handsome in all of his most recent images.
We've all seen how some teens simply lose it all in a matter of a few years, but Lucky is maturing very nicely.
But he does look so cute in some of those older images with his Sisters. Gee I bet they spoiled him. They must have known that he would eventually become a model or something.

But you know that beauty wise not a lot gets past you. I've often stumbled onto a blog where the author has posted a beauty with requests for someone to come forward and name a mystery model, and quite often you'll come forward with that information.

Vera said…
Deejohn- I am always happy to steer people to your blog, because it is excellent and well worth their time.

I agree, Lucky was always cute, but I think he has grown into an amazing beauty, and I have a feeling that he will remain so for a long time.

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