I Can't Even

You see the phrase a lot on the Internet these days, especially from fangirls of all ages and genders: "I can't even."  What is it that they can't even?  Breathe? Deal? Write complete sentences?  

When I first laid eyes on this fellow I thought, "I can't even process this boy."  I had no doubt that he was beautiful, stunningly beautiful,  but I wasn't sure exactly what to make of him. The epitome of the slim young thing, in his earliest photos, which seem to date back to late 2013,  This model, who must not be named, and who still attends Gymnasium  in Deutschland, looks like a very tall, thin thirteen-year-old. In later pictures he has gained a tiny bit of weight and at least appears to be post-puberty, but still... young, so young

Runway photos of him wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase look like a kid playing dress-up. In more casual clothes he looks like the super-cute boy who took you on your first date, but his father had to drive. Nevertheless, I have it on good authority that he, is actually eighteen years of age in these photos.  

I must admit that I have taken quite a shine to him. He has a face that is undeniable- one of nature's great creations. I think I could look at that face forever without ever getting tired of it; those eyes that seem to hold the secrets of the universe, those lips that seem made for kissing, and that petulant chin. It's a young body, but it seems to contain an old soul. Yes, I know that I may be getting carried away, but you know me.  When it comes to slim young things, I can't even.


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