Lucky Blue Smith: "How Dare You Be This Attractive?"

Deejohn's recent post about Lucky Blue Smith on The Beauty Hunter blog, has prompted me, at long last,  to  publish the cache of Lucky's photos that I have been sitting on for a while.  You might ask what I have I been waiting for. I'll get to that, but first, a bit about Mr. Smith

At the age of  sixteen, Lucky Blue Smith is obviously one of the most beautiful creatures currently roaming the planet.  A recent Tumblr post of one of his portraits posed the question, "How dare you be this attractive?" It's a valid question, for he is unreasonably beautiful.  Lucky came to modeling in a roundabout way,  starting out as the drummer in his family's band, The AtomicsThe Atomics play retro surf music, and consists of Lucky and his three sisters, Starlie, Daisy, and PyperLucky is a kick-ass drummer.

A few years ago, the photogenic family was tapped to appear in promotions for The Gap.  Although his sisters are all pretty girls, Lucky stood out, and not just because he was the youngest and the only boy.  The kid has "It." It's hard to take your eyes off of him.  I can't be the only one who thinks so, because his modeling career, without his sisters,  took off almost immediately.

When I first saw Lucky modeling on the internets, he was a skinny, little 14-year-old runt, with braces on his teeth and the face of a debauched angel. Not quite right for this blog, clearly too young, but I filed the name away for future reference.  

It didn't take long, though, for puberty to work it's magic.  The next time I saw him he was a take-your-breath-away beauty, and I set about finding pictures of him to share here. 

However, a snag: one of the places I found pictures of Lucky was at The Beauty Hunter,  and I have always figured that anyone who reads my blog surely reads Deejohn's blog (and if they don't they should) so wouldn't it be redundant of me to post pictures of him as well?  Therefore I decided not to post my Lucky collection.  I've changed my mind though.  The People must know about Lucky Blue Smith,  and I must do my part to inform them.  So I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and and if you do, for more of Lucky check out Deejohn's posts here and here


Pitbullshark said…
No complaints about seeing Lucky Blue on both blogs. You have some photos of him that DeeJohn doesn't have. Lucky us to see as many pictures of him as possible!
Some more pics here :

Great shirtless ones ����☺��
anonimatus said…
Ele ´muito lindo,,,!!!!!!
Vera said…
Eu concordo.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pics Vera!

I love your description of him as a kid - 'a face like a debauched angel'.

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