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Far be it from me to tell people what they can and cannot like, but for some reason I have always thought foot fetishism was a little bit funny.  Not funny "strange," but funny "ha-ha."  And I thought it was even funnier when I learned there was a blog called Barefoot YouTubers. It just seems so... specific.  Don't get me wrong.  It is a very nicely done Tumblr blog, and it's just the ticket for people who are interested in YouTubers and their feet. Look, it's all perfectly harmless, and just because I don't really get it, so what?  I'm sure that plenty of other people do get it.  And for those who are not into feet,  but are interested in YouTubers, who as a rule are a rather photogenic lot, other parts of the YouTubers are shown as well, such as in this rather nice screen capture of "Thatcher" Joe Sugg. I don't much care about his feet, but the rest of him is pretty.


Anonymous said…
Vera, It's always strange to me when watching the odd webcammer, and believe me some of them are odd, when one or more of the site viewers asks for a full view of the webcammers feet rather than the obvious request. but each to his own.
Wasn't there a character in a John Waters film that went into an orgasmic state when getting anywhere near feet and women's shoes.
bufs said…
Foot fetishism underwhelms but I'm all for it ... and most anything else that brings a bit of innocent fun to afficionados.

As for the lovely Joe Sugg, while I'm not interested in his feet, per se, I wouldn't mind seeing Joe play footsie with his equally lovely roomie, Caspar Lee.

Yes, I'd like it rather a lot.

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