Este Chico Me Hace Débil En Las Rodillas

Almost every day, features one or two new faces, either as their Model of the Week, or in the Daily Duo. To be honest, most days I have a look at the fresh, new guy and forget about him within moments.  They are always beautiful, in their own way, but the ones that make me go weak in the knees are few and far between.  Yesterday, the Daily Duo boy was this guy, Jaime Ferrandis Tortosa (professionally he seems to drop the Tortosa part), a skinny young thing from España,  and woo hoo, he really got my attention.  

Why him, when so many of the sculpted Adonises they feature hardly merit a shrug from me? Jaime isn't really a classic beauty especially. He ain't ugly, that's for sure, but even the normally gushing copywriter at referred to his looks as "odd but captivating.  He's razor thin, his face all sharp angles, his body seems to be about 90% leg, his pencil neck barely seems capable of holding up his head.  But then there's those eyes. My God, those eyes! 

He has a strong  personality that pours right through the camera lens. Many, if not most of the skinny young things can come off as a little girly (not that there's anything wrong with that) but Jaime seems quite masculine, in a very appealing way, even when (for some reason) they've dressed him in a pleated skirt. 

Yes, it's true. I am smitten.  Jaime has only been modeling since May, and he has already signed with agencies in Paris, Milan, and Barcelona, and he walked in three very major shows during Paris fashion week.  All this, and he's still only modeling part-time (which is code for "still in high school).  Watch this space.


Pixxan said…
It isn't easy looking fierce while wearing a poodle shirt.

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