Meet Brandon

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Logie has a face (and everything else) designed to make one swoon.  For a teenager from a small town in British Columbia, he projects a remarkably mature and sophisticated aura. It is clear from his social media presence, which is fairly limited, that in real life he's the outdoorsy type. My prediction is that if he wants it he will have an exceptional career in modeling. He is currently in school studying kinesiology.


anonimatus said…
É de tirar o fôlego, seu rosto, seu corpo lindos...Os olhos são de uma beleza ímpar...Ele é maravilhoso !!!!!!
Vera said…
anonimatus- Seus comentários sempre me faz feliz. Você me faz querer aprender a falar Português.
bufs said…
I'm not sure you could grate cheese on those abs but I'd sure love to try. 'Grate cheese', of course, is a euphemism. I'll not say for what.

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