For Patrick

My dear friend Patrick recently discovered that his (very) NSFW blog had been "murdered" by Tumblr. Not one to give up easily, he has relaunched Your French Patrick, and if anything, it is more NSFW than ever. Go there for some hot stuff.


Thank you very much for this mention, my sooo dear friend.
I already knew why I loved you so much, because you have just as much heart and a sackful of kindness.
I had no doubt on this matter, and otherwise they would have been swept all at once.
Only one other of my very numerous, maybe too much, so-said friends did it and I am very grateful to you.
LOL, I don't know why, but a little bit less to the others.
Wishing you a wondrous day with so much bisous that you can share one whith Christopher with no problem.

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