You Can Look Like Jordan Ver Hoeve

Well, maybe you can't look like Jordan Ver Hoeve,  but that doesn't mean that he isn't going to help you try.  18-year-old Jordan, who is now living in New York City pursuing his modeling career, is also studying to become a personal trainer, and he has also launched an Instagram page and a YouTube channel to give you fitness tips.

Here is Jordan's very first video, which he suggests may have low entertainment value. We'll be the judge of that.


Pitbullshark said…
That was good. Well, while it probably wouldn't make us look like him, looking AT him and doing what he demonstrates would certainly make us look like a better version of ourselves, I would think. I hate it that gyms don't let guys work out shirtless these days, but he's got a cute treasure trail, so watching him is hot.
bufs said…
I prefer getting my ab workouts vicariously and, wow, what fun Jordan makes that!
Anonymous said…
great man hooters

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