Boy Of The Year

Without question or rival, this year's most popular post at the big gay blog was the collection of Lucky Blue Smith pictures that I posted in late June.  How popular is it?  So popular that even now it drives about a third of all traffic to this site.  So popular that in a mere seven months it has become this blog's second most popular post of all time, surpassing a post from five years ago.  Lucky Blue, you rule. You are the King of 2014.  Now on to 2015.


anonimatus said…
Essa foto dele nesse terno riscado, de chapéus e olhando de lado, superou todas as outras que já são maravilhosas...Essa do terno é espetacular, muito agradável de ver...Parabéns por essa foto e por sua beleza !!!!
Anonymous said…
Vera, If they have an award for top newcomer of the year then Lucky Blue would easily win it.

Ooops I missed your post below on dancer Brandon. Thanks for that.

Happy New Year, Dee.

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