Five Guys Who I Think Would Make Better Calvin Klein Underwear Models Than The Biebs

By now I'm sure you've all heard that Justin Bieber is the new face and (stuffed) crotch of Calvin Klein underwear, but (nothing personal, Biebs) there are other people I'd rather see flauting their assets than him, including, but not limited to these five fine fitties.  In no particular order:

 Austin Mahone is often compared to Bieber because of their similar life stories and because both used YouTube accounts and sheer willpower to transform themselves into major bubblegum heartthrobs. I prefer Mahone's looks, voice, and personality, but he has never approached Bieber's level of commerical success.

Leo Howard is that rarity,  a Disney kid who has, so far at least, not gone off the deep end. With the face of an angel and a body for sin, he seems like the perfect guy to hang some underwear on.  But we might have to wait a year or so before putting his mostly naked form on three-story-tall billboards. Leo is still only 17.

Another beauty from the world of Teen Pop, is 20-year-old James McVey of The Vamps. He has a bangin' bod that he's not afraid to show off, and he also has that Bruce Weber vibe that the Calvin Klein folks love so much.

 Paddy Mitchell, because he is perfect, and naked pictures of him should be everywhere.

So, yeah, at this point Tom Daley is a bit overexposed (hee hee) but you just know that he's be totally up for it, and he's so cute and spesh, and that body is a work of art.


Pitbullshark said…
All good choices, that's for sure, and no tattoos, which makes them even better than Bieber for that reason alone. However, for me, the clear choice is Paddy. My mind knows that instantly, but also, when I look at him, I feel that I need some new underwear; suddenly, my own just doesn't have enough room in the front.
Vera said…
I and my underwear agree that Paddy would be a very good choice.

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