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A small collection of the things I've seen on the Internet lately.

  • Lucky Blue Smith is Out Magazine's Best Dressed Man of the Week.
  • Deep Dish celebrates Stockard Channing's 71st Birthday.
  • What happens when YouTubers make bad decisions?  Joe Sugg takes his shirt off and everything's OK.
  • Michael Musto offers up this collection of 20th Century diva moments. Cher! Babs! Judy! Ann-Margaret! More Ann-Margaret!
  • Steve Strange of the New Romantic band Visage, has died at age 55.  The video for Fade To Grey might be the single most 1980s thing ever.
  • The film version of cult musical The Last Five Years has been released, and the reviews are... meh.
  • names Louis Skotte Parker, from Denmark, as its Model of the Week,  then shows him in this getup:


Deep Dish said…
Thanks for the Stockard shout-out, Vera! :)
Vera said…
You are welcome. I love your blog.

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