Follies Of My Youth

I was reminded by the Hits of the 80s station playing over the sound system at work today how gaga I was over Adam Ant when I first saw him. Billy Idol had a similar effect. If I were 18 today, I wonder which pop stars would most stir my libido.



Pitbullshark said…
I never really cared that much one way or another for Adam Ant, but I more or less idolized Billy Idol ("It's a nice day for a white's a nice day to START AGAIN!, eeeyaoooh!"). I was lucky enough to be an extra in a movie he was in, "The Wedding Singer" starting Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. There's a scene on an airplane where Billy Idol pushes "the villain" down the aisle with a flight attendant's food cart. His line is, "Chicken or Fish?" and I can be seen cheering him on. He was really really nice on that set (the "747" set at Universal Studios), telling all kinds of funny stories. Believe me, he was as hot then in person as he was in his music videos, but his friendliness and total approachableness was unexpected!

Yeah, I suppose we are too old now to relate to the current crop of teen heart-throbs. I am pretty sure I would have fallen for Justin Bieber--I actually more or less like him even how, despite all his antics. But so many of the others, "One Direction" and so on, I just don't see it.
Peter said…
Come on, there is no need to be 18 to have your libido stirred... I am three and a half times that age and my libido has not stopped stirring by these.
Vera said…
Pitbullshark- It makes me happy to hear that Billy Idol was friendly and approachable. I remember the first time I saw him (on Solid Gold!) and my head almost exploded.

Peter- My libido is frequently stirred, believe me, but I don't know if it is stirred by exactly the same things now as it was then.

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