Lucky Blue Takes Off

He's not our little secret any more. I can't say I'm surprised to report that in the second half of January 2015  Lucky Blue Smith became kind of a big deal, the first fashion model/teen idol. Yes, it's true, and it all happened when he went to Europe to walk in his first runway shows. Now they are talking about him in Tiger Beat, girls are showing up to greet him at the airport and his hotel as if he's The Beatles, and he's utilizing social media in a way that would make the Biebs proud.  He's about to make his first movie, and his family band is gearing up to take over the world. Read more about it at The Business of Fashion.


Anonymous said…
Vera, Lucky Blue's sudden overnight fame seems to have happened with a blink of an eye. I'm seeing posted videos of him being adored by crowds of fans and admirers. Not something I can ever recall ever seeing in the fickle world of modelling where mainly the female models ever get noticed. But then Lucky Blue does have other useful talents. But what's going on for him is all very exciting. That ticket to Europe has certainly paid off.
Vera said…
Yes, it really does seem like a new phenomenon, We'll soon find out if it translates into something more, but for now it must be a very exciting time for him.

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