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It's not like I'm celebrating any milestone. Yes, I've been blogging for almost seven years. I've posted almost seventeen hundred articles. I've had almost five million page views. But nothing special has happened lately, and there's no good reason why I'm doing this just now.  I just happened to be looking at my site statistics, something I used to do obsessively, but seldom do now, and I thought it might be fun  to show you the subjects of my most viewed posts. I've done this before, in 2013, but there have been some changes afoot recently, and I decided to share. Here then, in descending order,  and based strictly on page views, are the most popular guys who have appeared on this blog.  Enjoy!

#10- From August 18, 2010-  Mr. Tom Daley.

#9- From March 11, 2010- These Two Guys

#8- From July 1, 2008, this Sweaty Guy.

#7- From August 18, 2008- Lovely Austin Butler (and some girl).

#6- From October 30, 2013- Sean O'Donnell and his blue, blue eyes.

#5- From December 8. 2011- Toby Regbo,  and with all his clothes on!

#4- From July 7, 2008-  This fellow, who turns out to be Aaron Brückner.

#3- From February 3, 2008- Former party boy, Aaron Johnson, and friends.

#2- From May 20, 2010- Former Boy Toy to a certain annoying heiress, River Viiperi.


#1- From May 20, 2014- Taking only eight months to surpass all others, our newly crowned king...

Lucky Blue Smith!


Pitbullshark said…
So what does this mean, really? That people come back again and again to look at a picture that they like? That doesn't happen with me. If I like it, I save it on my own computer, so one, maybe two looks does it. If there were a way to track "downloads", that would really give you some statistics, I would think.

Maybe it is how you describe the post that generates the hits, not really who is actually pictured since one doesn't know who it is or whether they will like it until they see it. Of course with me, I look at ALL your posts! And like almost all of them, too.
anonimatus said…
Amei o post os dois caras e também o garoto suado...Muito bons...Lindos garotos e quentes """""""
Vera said…
It's hard to tell what it means really. I can look at page veiws, where people came from, and the Google key words that people use to my blog. (the top searches of all time are: #1 variations of Vera's Big Gay Blog, #2 Avan Jogia Shirtless, #3 Keir Gilchrist Shirtless #4 Austin Butler Shirtless, and #5 Landon Liboiron Shirtless.) In the past month, 3 of the top 10 searches were Lucky Blue Smith related. About a third of the people who visit come here directly without a referring site. My top referring site is Google, followed by And currently about two thirds of the traffic to this site are here to see my first Lucky Blue Smith post, with two other Lucky posts in the Top Ten.

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