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This is a thing that happened.  Several years ago a person named Colby Kern commented on a post I made, said nice things about my sad little blog, and suggested that I might check out his blog.  I am sorry to say that I saw this comment for the first time yesterday.  I swear that this is true. Yesterday I surfed on over to ColbyKern.com and looked at his blog... and here's the thing:  Colby's blog is way, way better than mine.  I'm serious, folks, it is a thing of beauty.  So I don't think I need to tell you, but just to be sure, go to ColbyKern.com, that's ColbyKern.com, and try to not fall in love. ColbyKern.com. Do it.

P.S. All photos of this taken by and property of Colby Kern.


Thanks for giving me the heads up, great site, wonderful and beautiful pictures.
Vera said…
You are very welcome, Abraham. I'm glad you agree.

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