Featured today at is high school student, captain of the tennis team, and part-time model Carter Koleske. I like the overall pinkness of him, but also have a nagging (if entirely unfair) feeling that he looks like the type of boy who would purposely trip you in the school lunch room. Bonus! You can see pictures of him before and after chest waxing!

More bonus! He is capable of smiling. 


Pitbullshark said…
That's funny, you said "Jock", and then when I saw his "pinkness", I figured "Irish", like "Jock" is an Irish name. But then you talked about being tripped by him in the lunchroom, so "Jock" took on another meaning.

When I think of the lunchroom-tripping kind of jock, I am reminded of a very good friend of mine who in high school was sometimes that kind of victim of a jock, who always said to him,"You're a queer." But they they both ended up in the same college, and that same jock would then always ask my friend for dating advice (in other words, how could the jock attract women and have sex with them). I guess old "Queer" came out on top of that deal.

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