New Blood: Jack Mather

It is not often am I as struck by a face as I am by the face of newbie Jack Mather.  One look at him and I just knew.  Can't say what I knew, exactly, but I knew. Jack, who is from the charmingly named town of Bexhill on Sea (one can imagine Miss Marple solving a murder case in a town with a name like that) in southern England.  With that face, and that hair, and that everything else, Jack could go as far in the modeling game as he sets his mind to go.  The only trouble is that he seems far more interested in his first love, skateboarding. We will have to wait and see what happens.


Pitbullshark said…
Well, he's a boy, I don't blame him for giving the nod to skateboarding, I am sure that is part of what gives him his appeal. My favorite thing is the name of his town, Bexhill On Sea, not "Bexhill On THE Sea" as one might expect. It looks like Bexhill On Sea won't be having him too much longer, though. (London calls, then Paris, then Milan, then New York, then Tokyo....)
Vera said…
I feel certain that if he has the ambition he will go far. Maybe he does, maybe not. But I can't imagine any designer not wanting him to represent his/her brand.

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