At Least He's Still Pretty

If anybody has learned how to leverage the power of dewy good looks and the global forum of the Internet, it is Cameron Dallas, who has gone from being a shining light of  YouTube and Vine, to lucrative personal appearance tours and a charmless but financially successful movie (Expelled, now available on Netflix).  Now Cameron has decided to try his hand at music and has released his first rap song, which briefly, very briefly, entered the top ten on the iTunes chart.  I confess that I am not exactly a hip-hop kind of guy, but even I can tell you that Cameron's song, She Bad, is not good.  I'm not going to say that it is the worst thing I have ever heard, but it's right up there.  But why take my word of it when you can hear for yourself?


Pitbullshark said…
I expected to be able to say, "She Bad? IT Bad!" but I actually liked it. And I DON'T like hip-hop. Also, I don't like white boys attempting to sound like black boys; let the black boys be black boys, they do it better. For Cameron to do it makes it all sound fake or reaching for something false. I think the song must be over-produced or over-processed or something, but I actually did like the sound (even though the lyrics are basically meaningless). Cameron's voice sounds good and didn't sound "auto-tuned", although it may be, I don't really know. One thing for sure, he is shockingly beautiful and that will still carry him far. I don't think hip-hop really has much in the way of high standards, though. I wouldn't buy this, but I'd watch it again.
anonimatus said…
O Cameron é muito bonito e gostei muito da voz dele cantando...Parabéns garoto !!!!

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