Look at the picture at the top of this post.  Look at all of these pictures.  When I see a face like that I have but two choices.  I can either drop dead on the spot, or fall madly in love.  I choose the latter. 

This (very) young man is named Lau Halding,  The only thing I know about him, other than his shoe size and the like, is that he is represented by a modeling agency in Denmark.  Other than that, I make no assumptions.


anonimatus said…
Que olos...Que sorriso...Ele é muito bonito !!!!!
anonimatus said…
Que olhos..Que sorriso...Ele é muito bonito !!!!!
Pitbullshark said…
You actually did make me laugh out loud! So, now we understand love! Love is what keeps one from dropping dead on the spot. That's very good!

All I can say is that I am so glad that about half my genes are Scandinavian. Only thing is, though, I sure don't look like that. And at my age, the only "dropping dead" that will be happening is me. (Good thing I am full of love!)
Anonymous said…
Vera, He does look very young and cute. And I'm sure he'll build up that thin body in time as we all did.

Oh in my latest post it looks like I've succumbed to the use of your immortal phrase 'Styles that might not catch on.'

Vera said…
anonimaus: Sim, de fato! Muito lindo!

Pitbullshark: I may not be articulate, but I know my options! I certainly hope you don't drop dead any time soon.

Deejohn: Yes, I'm sure that he will bulk up in time, but for now I think one of the nicest thing about him is his thin body. When I see before and after photos of bodybuilders I almost always prefer the before.
bufs said…
Now, that's what I call a Great Dane! Sorry, it just had to be said.
deepthinker said…
Slim, smooth body, great nipples - and his lips are amazing too.

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