Eurovision Totty

Loïc Nottet, a 19-year-old singer from Belgium, wasn't the only hotty on last night's Eurovision Song Contest semi-final last night, but he's the only one who advanced to the finals.  I don't think his number, which was very Dieter from Sprocketts, will win, but I like him. Video below.


Anonymous said…
Vera, I'm amazed that the Eurovision is even known about in your parts.
I saw a bit of the first semi-final on Tuesday and just caught the results of the second semi tonight.
Since the whole break up of Russia and those small States, the whole competition has become an East European affair. The U.K and Ireland, once a dominant force, barely both get a look in anymore.
But over here it still has quite a gay cult following.
Mind you the stage lighting effects are way over the top. You cant help noticing that the worse the song is then they seem to throw in more lights and background effects to distract you from the awfulness.
Was surprised Moldova didn't get through.
And interesting that non European country Australia has been invited to take part.
Vera said…
I am the only person I know (in my parts) who watches Eurovision, and one of the few who even knows what it is. Like you, I was shocked that Moldova didn't get through, as it was one of the better songs, and one of the most engaging (and hotter) performers. As a whole I was not very impressed with the field this year, as most of the finalists songs seem to be fairly boring ballads. And where were the dancing dwarves, the circus acrobats, the contestants carried in by actual giants? And can't we have Conchita Wurst represent Austria every year? I was hoping that San Marino would do better, as the 16-year-old boy singer was cute, but the song was awful and the girl singer insufferable. Of course there are still five finalists I haven't seen perform yet. I don't think the UK has a chance with the song they've chosen, but I wouldn't write off Australia. I think I'm supporting Serbia at the moment. That girl is a gay icon in the making.

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