Random Shirtless Guy Gone Wild

I tried to make this post a typical Random Shirtless Guy quickie, but Google had so many hot shirtless pictures of whippet-thin nineteen-year-old Erin Mommsen that I couldn't settle on just one. So, here's six pic of Erin. Born in the Dominican Republic, but raised in Pennsylvania, Erin is the current Model of the Week at Models.com, so check that out if you want to see some pictures of him with his shirt on.


Anonymous said…
Vera, He certainly does have an unusual but distinctive look. The kind of face that you would remember.
He does seem to be cropping up all over tumblr.

Funny that you should title the post below it Dreamboy... (Lau Halding). Reminds me of the name of Jay's old blog.He used to be a regular visitor here, as well as mine.
Vera said…
I really miss Jay, and his blog, but mostly Jay.

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