This Is Noa Thomas!

Bitter experience tells me that in all likelihood this post will not get as much traffic as most of my posts. It's a shame really, because Noa Thomas, a young model from Oregon, is as beautiful as anyone I have ever seen.  Just look at him!


anonimatus said…
Muito lindo...E que corpo maravilhoso !!!!!
deejohn said…
Vera, How odd. Noa was on my next posts list. Someone gave me a heavy copy of the new 'Hero' Magazine with a blonde Biebs on the cover, and I saw Noa in that issue in a Bruce Weber editorial. He does stand out. It made me want to check him out.
I'll probably put a picture/link of him in my side banners.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful indeed. Thanks for the post.
David said…
I've never posted before -hello creepy voyeur am I- but I think the issue with traffic to your site because Noa is not white, blond, thin (though Noa is) is horrible. Jebus in a pita pocket, you think in 2015 in the gay community we be the first to stop this racist crap. I'm so tired of this, so tired of people judging folks on the color of their skin. I get it, people like what they like, but I love every guy, no matter what his skin color is.

Rant done. Sorry.

bufs said…
He's simply stunning. The only possible thing he's missing is an 'h' and who cares about that?
Vera said…
David, I agree with you. Anyone who can't see the beauty in someone like Noa is a sad case.

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