A Boy Named Love

Behold 17-year-old Love Rönnlunda skinny young thing so new to modeling that his agency still only has Polaroids of him on their site. But that didn't stop him from making a big splash at the recent menswear shows. It seems that fashion may not be Love's great passion.  He's a singer. And a good one too!  Here he is a few years ago on Talang 2001, aka Sweden's Got Talent.

‪And here is a much more recent performance. ‬

You can also find him acting like a teenage goofball on Vine, plus he has a nice Soundcloud, if you would like to hear more of his music.

 And finally,  here's more pictures.


anonimatus said…
Muito bonito...Mais um maravilhoso modele...E também um bom cantor...Parabéns garoto !!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
This another way to make a living. Some will pay for it and he will do the work for it. Not for me to pay nor play but that is me. May he have many children ! ! !

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