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The other night I found myself watching a silly teen comedy on Netflix called The A-List. My expectation was that I would watch it for a few minutes and then move on to something else,  but I ended up watching the whole damn thing.  I'm not going to throw down an entire review of The A-List, except to say that I found the whole premise to be ridiculous, but I also had the feeling that the people who made it might have better things to come.  Couldn't love it, didn't hate it, but I was riveted none-the-less because of the star of the film, a 21-year-old actor/singer/songwriter named Hudson Thames. My oh my! I would happily have spent an hour and a half simply looking at his face. Then this happened:  Hudson's character was compelled by the nonsense of the plot to streak his high school.  Well, isn't that special? Oh, yes it is. 

Turns out that Hudson is the son of 1980s TV and movie cutie Byron Thames, seen here in the 1985 film Seven Minutes In Heaven:

Hudson's maternal grandparents are eternal 1950s and '60s ingenue Connie Stevens, and 1950s crooner and serial monogamist Eddie Fisher. Carrie Fisher is his aunt.  Well, I guess, half-aunt, if that's a thing. 

Also, I' like to point out that Hudson seems to be a pretty darn good musician.  He is signed to Republic Records, and there are some nice videos of him singing on TheYouTubes, including this one of him with Postmodern Jukebox, which frankly makes me a little bit light-headed. 


bufs said…
Thanks, Vera! Just added this to my watch list. I remember Hudson's dad fondly; there is a striking resemblance.
Pitbullshark said…
The streaking movie looks like it could be funny--does he have good comedic ability? And regarding Eddie Fisher, I always just think of him as one of the ones married to Elizabeth Taylor, but he must have been pretty hot stuff, also having been married to Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens in addition to "Liz" (his final two wives I don't know at all). I just remember my parents were scandalized by Elizabeth Taylor's breakup of his marriage with Debbie Reynolds (they blamed Liz as being the home-wrecking hussy), but I was too young to understand too much of all that.

Byron Thames I don't remember at all, but seeing how cute he was from the picture you posted, I'm surprised I missed him.
Vera said…
Does he have good comedic ability? I'll just say that he is likable, and his performance is not embarrassing. So, did you see Cameron Dallas in Expelled? I'd say that he is about two notches up from that. It really is not what I'd call a good movie, but I've sat through a lot worse.

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