Is This The Handsomest White Boy Alive?

Surely it's a matter of opinion,  and I will posit that words like pretty, cute, hot, beautiful, handsome etc. have very different meanings, but young Sergey Brisyuk, pictured here, is all of those things and more, and while he may not be the loveliest creature alive, he is certainly right up there.  I don't have much information about Sergey except that he's very likely from The Ukraine. These pictures are by a Kiev-based photographer named Vic Bakin.


Anonymous said…
Vera, I first saw Surgey's pictures last week at The Male Model Scene, and they were also by Vic Bakin. And looking at them I think he looks even more sensational. Perhaps because the hair is longer and more blonde. Although sadly the images are presented in an over artistic way and all chopped up and overlayed.
But I think you'll like them.
Male Model Scene (currently on page 4 - Oct 20th ).

anonimatus said…
Lindíssimo !!!!!!!
Vera said…
deejohn- Thanks for pointing me to those photos. I agree that Sergey looks great in those pictures, but damn are they frustrating.
Anonymous said…

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