The Gorgeousness Of Gregg

I waited for years for gorgeous Gregg Sulkin to do a proper shirtless photo shoot to no avail, and now at the age of 23 he can barely keep his clothes on.  Not that I'm complaining. Better late than never.  My only regret is that now he is a tad bulkier and a bit hairier than my preferred torso, and I wish we had seen a bit more of him a few years ago when he was as smooth as a porpoise.  These photos are by Justin Campbell for Flaunt.
 P.S. In case you doubt that Gregg is Jewish, please refer to picture number one.


anonimatus said…
Deliciosamente másculo !!!!!!1111
bufs said…
Vera, please step away from the Gregg. I called dibs yonks ago, back when he was a Mason.

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