Children's TV Comes Through Again

You probably aren't watching, nor should you, Nickelodeon's bizarro new series Game Shakers, about four12-year-old kids running a tech business all by themselves.  Don't worry, I'm not here to talk about 12-year-olds. I'm going to talk about the recent guest appearance of 17-year-old actor Tanner Buchanan as an older boy one of the girls is crushing on. Tanner has had a recurring role on Disney's Girl Meets World, where he keeps his clothes on but displays his adorable smile often. He doesn't smile at all on Game Shakers (his character is too cool for that) but otherwise is very much on display in this episode, as you can see for yourself.


Pitbullshark said…
Very nice display. And he really IS on display!
bufs said…
Besides being adorable, Tanner certainly lives up to his name!

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