I have come to believe that somewhere in Eastern Europe there is a secret government laboratory dedicated to producing the perfect human specimen; a creature of such beauty that people of all genders and sexual persuasions can do little but melt into puddles of pure sexual desire at the very site of him.  I speak, of course, of Sergey Brisyuk.  Before you accuse me of hyperbole, I must point out that I have spent hours, hours, studying Sergey's photographs, and aside from a small scar near his left arm pit I have found none. If there are more imperfections to be found I can only conclude that they are on the parts of his body that I haven't been able to examine due to the fact that they have been covered by clothing. If you can disprove my theory,  please contact me immediately with photographic evidence. 

Two sets are featured here, the first by Yaroslav Bugaev for Adon Magazine, and the other by Chadchai Charoenput for Daybeds Magazine



Fit Studs said…
B&W photos in the beginning...
I like those. :)

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