Way Back Wednesday

In case you weren't aware that there were super-hot boys 125 years ago, here's a glorious Sicilian fellow photographed by Wilhelm Von Gloeden to let you know.


Pitbullshark said…
Oh yes, as you said, there definitely were, and I think something else that is good, and that is that there were guys way back then who appreciated them well enough to record them for posterity. Something else that is interesting to me is that the communities where these guys were photographed were into it, didn't think there was anything wrong with it and rather liked it happening.

Contrast that appreciation and acceptance with something I read the other day, about a young high school boy who recently killed himself, because he was going to be listed on the sex offender register for his entire life because he...did what? Streaked a football game! Is a couple of second's glance of a cute high school boy running by naked going to ruin our society for life? You'd think so, the court in that case was willing to ruin this boy's life for that. And to think that there were some societies who considered such a sight to be uplifting.

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