Mavrick Monday (Oh Wait! It's Tuesday!)

Here is 17 year old actor/model Mavrick Moreno.  He hasn't exactly had that breakout role yet, but he's done hard time on Nickelodeon, and occasionally shows up on my TV in an advertisement for EpiPen®.


Pitbullshark said…
Oh, Vera, I would take him ANY day! What a nice, easy, casually outstandingly perfectly beautiful body. That second one, the black and white photo with the shirt slung over his shirtless shoulders, the very definition of a sexy pose, to me, showing off a magnetic body. Cute hair to tossle, too. I also like the first one him on the boat, very tan, very beautiful location, a body to die for.

The final photo is good in that it reminds me that you said he has been on Nickelodeon, which means that he probably lives in LA (like I do). I could fantasize about running into him while on a hike in the nearby hills, or something similar.

An advertisement for EpiPen, huh? How sharp-eyed you are, and it also shows that the opportunities for commercials are everywhere. Gee, I hope HE doesn't need an EpiPen....
Anonymous said…
A dreanboat for sure!

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