You've probably heard of "model houses" or "model flats" where agencies house young up-and-comers (no pun intended). Here are two young men who sleep fifteen feet apart from each other in one such arrangement. 

They are Frankie Rossi:

And Will Dailey:

How would you like to be invited over for a sleepover?


Anonymous said…
Vera, I suppose that if they were out and out gay models then there wouldn'be that fifteen foot gap between the beds.
I think we once had a TV reality show over here where some hot models gay and straight roomed together. Made some interesting viewing.
Can't we get Lucky Blue and River to do something like that.
Vera said…
Dee, there was an American version of that show, too, although it originated in the UK. Would you be surprised to learn that I watched it religiously?
Anonymous said…
Vera, I suspect that tv show was called something like 'Britain's Next Top Model.'
You do seem to like our English boys. Perhaps it's the accents.
Next weekend sees the start of 'Britain's Got Talent 2016.' It's often more entertaining than The X Factor which failed miserably last year.
Pitbullshark said…
How would I like to be invited over for a sleepover? Well, when I was 18, sure! But now, I would feel like a eunuch in the sultan's harem, or would be treated like one. So in that case, no thank you!

Regarding what Dee said in his comment, I think the categories "gay" and "straight" are pretty fluid in that world and there is always room for experimentation. Beauty is always drawn to beauty anyway, right? This always seemed to be the case among, say, young and upcoming Hollywood stars back in Hollywood's Golden Era, so how much more would there be that in today's male modeling world.

I understand that among today's attractive young males, they are more into each other regardless of sexuality, and in opposition to older guys, even older guys who are gay. It did not used to be that way, that gay guys hung around with gay guys of any age and tended to exclude heterosexuals, but nowadays, the divisions are youth versus age, not sexual preference.

So now the pretty sleepover doesn't seem so pretty after all...sorry about that! (But the guys are still pretty, so thank you, Vera.)
anonimatus said…
Ambos são lindos, mas o Frankie é um sonho de consumo !!!!!!!

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