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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flower Boy

Perhaps you have noticed that updates here have been few and far between lately. (Or perhaps you haven't, it's hard for me to tell these days.)  I have been very busy rehearsing a musical, which opened this weekend and runs until next Sunday.  I should be back to regular posting soon, but given the state of the blogosphere, I don't feel any urgency to do so.  In the meantime, for all my loyal readers, if I have any left, here's a photo of lovely French model Alexander Ferrario, shot by Lorenzo Marcucci, all oiled up and with a lily in his mouth. Bless.


deejohn said...

Vera, Well I've certainly noticed the recent gap.

Yes that picture of Alexander must be from his hottest ever photo session.
I wonder who the lucky one was that rubbed all that baby oil all over his
gorgeous torso.

Another theatre show! Break a leg as they say.


Rogue said...

Good luck with the musical, Vera!

What a slippery lad…

Pitbullshark said...

Is it forbidden to ask you what musical it is? At any rate, I hope you enjoy it and that your audiences rave about it!

Vera said...

It is the musical 1776, and no, I am not playing Abigail Adams!

bufs said...

Oiled up? Yes, please! Lily optional.