Vera's Top Five Countdown!

Based strictly on page views, here are the five most popular boys featured on the blog in its nine year history. In descending order...

#5 Sam Harwood made his first appearance on the blog in April 2014. Now, at the ripe,old age of 20, he is still possesses the kind of  physical perfection that actually causes some people to feel resentful. But I'm not bitter.

#4 At age 25, even scruffy facial hair can't make Toby Regbo look like anything but an angelic teenager. Toby made his first blog appearance in 2010, and his eyes were featured on my banner for a year or so, but it was a post from December 2011 that still racks up the views. After putting in three years on the low-rated, but still inexplicably airing, anti-historical cheese-fest TV show Reign, he seems to be spending most of  his time soaking up the sun in tropical climes, with no upcoming roles or projects. I sure hope you go back to work soon, Toby, and in the meantime, wear sunscreen.

#3 Since I wrote about Sean O'Donnell in October 2013, he has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, doing... something? I'm not sure exactly what. He has had a few small professional projects, as actor, is often photographed on red carpets in the company of "Young Hollywood" types, and still posts to social media. At age 20 he still looks just like he did when he was 17.

#2 River Viiperi was a favorite of mine until he took a long hiatus to be the full time toy boy of a certain infamous blond heiress and media whore, who shall remain nameless. Between February 2010 and August 2012 he appeared here forty-nine times, but it is the post entitled Naked River from May 2010 that made the biggest splash.  Now that River has come to his senses, he has been quite successful at relaunching his modeling career.

#1 Can it be any surprise that Lucky Blue Smith is still the number one most popular guy at Vera's? Is it any surprise that he is still dominating the world of male modeling? The only surprise to me is that it has been almost two years since he first appeared here. Time do fly when you're having fun!


Anonymous said…
Vera, An interesting list although I'm not very familiar with Toby or Sean as I'm from the other side of the great pond.
And I'm not surprised that River and Lucky Blue are up there.
I did myself go off Jordan Barrett a bit when he took over with Paris Hilton. I really started to think he was using her to raise his own profile.

But yes, two years of blogging can go rather quickly. I think that next year in 2017 many of us bloggers will be celebrating 10 years online... ( I started out in Jan 2007 ). And it was all around that time that we were discovering Blogger and Wordpress. It was a lot more fun back then. Bloggers were more enthusiastic and there was a sense of there being a little online community.
Vera said…
Funny that you say that- Toby actually is British, and aside from his American TV series has done most of his work in the UK. He also received stellar reviews for a play he did in the West End. Simon Amstell even talks about him, without actually saying his name, in one of his TV appearances. Couldn't agree more that lots of the fun has gone out of blogging. There was a community in the beginning that has almost completely disappeared.

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