What's Up With Valerio?

I can never get enough of Deutsch schöner Junge Valerio Schmidt, but he's hard to find. It seems that he does most of his modeling in Japan. Schade!

Edit, June 2018:

I don't know if Valerio, who I used to adore, is modeling now or not.  Haven't seen him in ages.  But someone claiming to represent the agency Valerio is signed with is so worried that you might think Valerio is gay that he has insisted Valerio's pictures must be removed.  This person's name is Thomas Geldschläger and in his exact words,  "You have no right to post or publish any picture or call someone gay, whether he is homosexual or not." 

It is true that I have no ownership of these photos I found on Tumblr, but as far as I can see, neither does Herr Geldschläger.  And when and where did I imply that Valerio Schmidt, or anyone else who has not publicly stated that they are gay, was gay?  Never. And why would someone who is not deeply homophobic be concerned that they are perceived as gay?  Well, I'm sorry that I promoted Herr Geldschläger's client for him, and fear not, sir, it won't happen again.


Anonymous said…
I can tell you what's actually up...
Speaking of up...I'm glad your blog is still up and running!
Vera said…
Thanks Luke- I miss your blog like crazy.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Vera, that's nice of you to say!
I don't think it's coming back anytime soon. But if it does I'll let you knoww first!

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