Wait, Waite

Models.com's Model of the Week and Daily Duo pages used to be a reliable source of  new faces for me to fall in love with, but lately I've found them to be somewhat hit and miss. However, last week they hit it out of the park with this guy, 17-year-old Tristan River Waite. Tristan has a Hollywood pedigree; his mother is 1990s bombshell Natasha Henstridge, and his grandfather was Ralph Waite, best known as the father on The Waltons. I think Tristan has a bright future ahead of him, but first he he has senior year of high school to get through.


anonimatus said…
esse garoto é um espetáculo !!!!
Pitbullshark said…
And all the more wonderful for all those other senior year students in his class!
Anonymous said…
Hi Waite, I'm Godot. - Ian

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