What It Costs To Be Gay In Public

I'm not ready to stop thinking about the events in Orlando this past weekend.  It makes it difficult for me to simply post pictures of cute boys and be done with it.  Please read the article at the link below. It has something very important to say.  Share it with your friends- especially your straight friends. Just a year ago we were celebrating a milestone for our cause.  The fight is far from over.


Anonymous said…
Vera, Interesting reading. Seems like after last year's advances America has gone back several years.

Quite clearly that shooter was ridden with guilt being gay himself. And all because he was brainwashed by his parents and community by constantly being told that being gay was bad.

Yes, I also feel like holding back on the beauty. My readers hate politics but it wont stop me when I feel like a rant. I've got stacks of other things to get on with.
Vera said…
Deejohn, it breaks my heart. I can't tell you how many times I've cried since Sunday morning.

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